Total Mobility Scheme

Information on Total Mobility Scheme and the agencies that provide assessments in the Otago region. Disability Information Service can provide assessments across the region.

What is the Total Mobility scheme?

Funded in partnership by local and central government, the total mobility scheme assists eligible people, with long term impairments to access appropriate transport to meet their daily needs and enhance their community participation.

It provides:

  • electronic cards to eligible scheme members that subsidise the normal transport fare by 50% up to a maximum taxi fare (set by the relevant regional council)
  • funding to scheme providers to help purchase and install wheelchair hoists
  • payment to the owner of the wheelchair accessible vehicle for each total mobility scheme member who requires the use of a wheelchair hoist or ramp on a trip.

Who administers the scheme?

The Otago Regional Councils administers the scheme in Otago (external website)

How does the Total Mobility scheme work?

  • Scheme users are issued with an electronic card.
  • You can obtain an electronic card from the Otago Regional Council.
  • Total mobility subsidies can be claimed anywhere in New Zealand where the scheme operates.
  • The subsidy per trip is 50% of the fare, up to a maximum subsidy of $25.00.
  • If the total fare is more than the maximum subsidy you must meet the additional cost. 

For general information about the scheme, visit: (external website)

Here are the agencies that provide the assessment and access to Total Mobility scheme



Disability Information Service

Dunedin Community House

301 Moray Place, Dunedin

Phone: (03) 471 6152



Age Concern

9 The Octagon, Dunedin

Phone: (03) 477 1040, ext. 706



CCS Disability Action Otago Inc

514 Great King Street, Dunedin North

Phone: (03) 477 4117



Epilepsy NZ

283-301 Moray Place, Dunedin

Phone: (03) 471 6207 or 027 6877 497



Idea Services Otago

42 King Edward Street, Dunedin

Phone: (03) 466 3850



Multiple Sclerosis Society

8 Baker Street, South Dunedin

Phone: (03) 455 5894



PACT Group

80 Filleul Street, Dunedin

Phone: (03) 470 2208



Parkinsonism Society of NZ

PO Box 9060, Dunedin

Phone: (03) 262 7040 or 027 629 7892



Presbyterian Support Otago

407 Moray Place, Dunedin

Phone: (03) 477 7115



Royal NZ Foundation of the Blind

Cnr Hillside Road and Law Street, South Dunedin

Phone: (03) 466 4230



The Dunedin RSA Trust

63 Bay View Road, Dunedin

Phone: (03) 466 4888



Visual Impairment Charitable Trust Aotearoa NZ (VICTA)

PO Box 5862, Moray Place, Dunedin 9058

Phone: 0800 206 620




CCS Disability Action - Waitaki

316 Thames Highway, Oamaru

Phone: (03) 437 9005



Diabetes NZ North Otago Ltd

Community House, 100 Thames Street, Oamaru

Phone: (03) 437 2348



Idea Services North Otago Branch

18 Severn Street, Oamaru

Phone: (03) 433 1016




Community Networks Wanaka

73 Brownston Street, Wanaka

Phone: (03) 443 7799