iNDx Exhibition

Special Exhibition

Now in its second year, the award winning iNDx Art Exhibition showcases the amazing depth of artistic talent in both the local and the wider autistic community.

iNDx: “I” for identity, “ND” for neurodivergent or neurologically “not typical”, and “Dx” being a play on the medical abbreviation for diagnosis.

A collaborative and thought-provoking exhibition with artworks ranging from paint on canvas to vlogs, carvings, photography, poetry, sculpture, and more.

The exhibition provides a platform for artists to display their work publicly, as well as opportunities for collaboration, partnership, community, and creativity, and a chance for voices to be heard.

Saturday 3rd August - Sunday 18th August

10am–3pm, Weekend days

11am–3pm, Weekdays, and 11am–5.30pm on Wednesday 14 August



Otago Musuem