Transition Expo 2019 - Day Event

Approximate reading time: 4 minutes

The Transition Expo is created for students with disabilities and their families/whanau/caregivers. Its purpose is to raise awareness of what options students have available locally for life after school in an interactive and fun way.
Students of all ages are welcomed to join our Transition Expo as we encourage people to start thinking about and planning for the transition as early as possible. Schools are also encouraged to bring school groups along to the event.

A range of services/providers will be present to cover the following:
• Tertiary study,
• Community participation,
• Vocational programmes,
• Self-advocacy,
• Employment,
• Housing (supported living),
• and Recreation
The South Dunedin Community Hall is fully accessible, and we will provide a “quiet area” for anyone who needs to take a break from the busy hall area.



South Dunedin Community Hall