No Credit, No worries - Pilot Project

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Ministry of Health, Health Promotion Agency and WellSouth Primary Health Network are launching a pilot project in Otago and Southland. 
Anyone with a mobile device or tablet will be able to access a selection of health-related sites even if they have little or no data credit on their phone or tablet.   
85% of all adults in New Zealand own or have access to a smartphone.  Not being able to connect is a real barrier to using digital health services and in many cases, these are the people with the highest health needs.  Now patients can access health related information as they need it. 
What Websites are available to Access?
Users will be able to access their GP patient portal and other health related sites. - ConnectMed Patient Portal ( - Manage My Health Patient Portal ( - Books on Prescription ( - Depression.Org ( - The Lowdown ( - Choice Not Chance ( 
What Mobile Plans have this available?
Spark, Vodafone, or 2Degrees (90% of people in New Zealand use these providers).  The low data option is not available to users of other networks such as Skinny, Warehouse Mobile, Digital Island, Orcon, M2, Compass, Slingshot,  
Some Frequently Asked Questions 
Q: Is it available on all mobile networks? It is available through Spark, Vodafone and 2Degrees networks only. 
Q: Can I access my GP Patient Portal? You can get in to your patient portal either through the portal website or app 
Q: Will I be able to watch videos?
 Videos on the websites won’t work.  You will be able to see any written information. 
Q: What if I don’t have any credit on my phone? You will still be able to get in to the selected websites without charge – just make sure your data is turned on. 
Q: How long does this pilot go for? The pilot project will run from 1st May to 31st July.